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We expect to issue a new version in the fall of 2018 or early 2019.


Basic FlexAware exercises you can use to help yourself breathe freely and move easily — anywhere, anytime. It’s for all ages, all health conditions.

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The DVD is 74 minutes, divided into convenient sections to make it easy for you to learn and practice. Here’s a brief description of what you’ll find:

Section 1. Introduction and How to Breathe Freely, Easily, and Naturally.

FlexAware breathing is simple yet powerful. It’s based on the way healthy young children breathe spontaneously, so there’s no counting, no forcing, nothing artificial or arbitrary.

Many of us breathe shallowly at times, perhaps often, particularly people who have chronic pain, stress-related disorders, and emotional difficulties. Ineffective breathing is often the reason people fail to achieve their fitness goals. FlexAware breathing can help you get greater benefit from any therapy, exercise, and fitness activity.

Section 2. Get Fit While You Sit.

Easy movements you can do while sitting at your desk, in front of the TV, driving your car, at the dinner table. Great for relieving and preventing stress and stiffness. Also effective for staying alert and focused, so you can be more successful.

Section 3. Easy Fitness Everywhere.

FlexAware on the floor, in bed, at the gym, on the beach — anywhere you have space to lie down. You can do these movements slowly, as a way to relax, to help yourself recover from an illness or injury, and to rock yourself to sleep. You can also practice actively, vigorously, for a pleasant whole-body workout.

Includes Flex-ups™, an alternative to sit-ups, curls, and crunches; and Extend-ups™, an alternative to push-ups or press-ups. We believe Flex-ups™ and Extend-ups™ are healthier alternatives because they help you improve your breathing and increase mobility of your ribs and spine. They’re also more pleasant.

Section 4. Standing and Walking FlexAware

To improve your balance, posture, and walking, and to help yourself relieve pain or stiffness in your knees, hip joints, and lower back. Immediate relief after sitting for an extended time. Uniquely effective for seniors.

You can do standing and walking FlexAware at home, where you work, standing in line at the store, as a warm-up or cool-down for golf or tennis, while walking down the street.

In the final segment, you’ll see how FlexAware can be dynamic, spontaneous, and truly playful.


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